How to Hide Likes on Instagram? The Ultimate IG Hack

Instagram recently shook the social media world with a significant change – hiding likes.

The reactions?

A mixed bag of cheers and jeers.

On one hand, some users welcome the shift, seeing it as a blow against the unhealthy culture of comparison and self-validation that social media tends to breed.

But on the other, there’s a group missing the instant thrill of watching those tiny hearts multiply beneath their posts.

If you’re part of the latter crowd, don’t worry.

Instagram’s new feature doesn’t mean you’re stripped of control.

There are ways to hide likes on Instagram and still relish your feed, minus the number pressure.

In this blog post, we’ll break down how to hide likes on Instagram.

So, whether you’re a seasoned ‘Grammer or a newbie, you can navigate your Instagram journey without the stress of performance metrics.

Keep reading to unlock the secrets!

How to Hide Likes on Instagram

A Quick Highlight on How to Hide Likes on Instagram?

Feeling weary of chasing likes on Instagram?

Then it’s time to explore the world of hidden likes!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  1. Why Hide Likes? Instagram chose to offer the ‘hide likes’ option with the goal of safeguarding mental health and lessening the comparison game on social media.
  2. How to Hide Likes: It’s simple! To hide likes on Instagram posts, click More (Hamburger Menu), go to Settings, choose “What you see”, and toggle the Hide likes option.
  3. The Bright Side: Hiding likes can pave the way for a more enjoyable Instagram experience, nudging you to focus on the quality of your content.
  4. Instagram Insights: Don’t worry about tracking your post’s performance! Instagram Insights has your back, even with hidden likes, allowing you to analyze reach, engagement, and other essential metrics.
  5. Business Accounts: For businesses, it’s vital to go beyond likes and use other metrics to measure success.
  6. Content is King: Prioritize creating valuable content that genuinely resonates with your followers.
  7. Stay Tuned: News alert! Instagram might be testing and rolling out updates that could impact likes and follower measurements.

Hiding likes on Instagram can enhance your overall experience, emphasizing the importance of high-quality content.

Instagram Insights is your ally for tracking performance, regardless of likes.

For business accounts, it’s essential to look at other metrics for a more comprehensive view of success.

Above all, prioritize creating value-packed content for your followers.

And remember, Instagram might have more changes in store, so stay alert!

Why Hide Likes on Instagram?

WATCH: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announces that the platform will start hiding likes for US audiences starting next week. It's the latest step in Instagram’s quest to become the safest place on the internet. #WIRED25

— WIRED (@WIRED) November 9, 2019

Do you ever feel drained by the endless comparison game on Instagram?

Or perhaps you find your self-esteem hanging by the number of likes your posts amass?

If you nodded yes, Instagram’s new feature might just be your saving grace.

Now, Instagram gives you the option to hide likes on your posts, shifting the focus from popularity metrics to the actual content.

Considering the growing concern about social media’s impact on mental health, this move is a huge leap forward.

This post will take you through the steps on how to hide likes on Instagram.

We’ll delve into the potential shifts in user experience and post-performance, and explore the importance of content quality over likes in building your Instagram presence.

Delving Into Instagram’s Decision

To comprehend Instagram’s game-changing move, we need to understand why Instagram decided to allow users to hide likes.

Let’s examine the five key takeaways:

  1. Instagram has allowed users to hide likes in response to mental health concerns. The constant competition for likes and followers can take a toll on users’ mental well-being.
  2. Instagram hopes to lessen this pressure and create a more positive environment for users by hiding likes.
  3. Studies have found that social media can negatively impact self-esteem, body image, and overall wellness, often aggravated by the focus on likes and followers.
  4. Instagram is not just stopping at hiding likes; they’re looking for more ways to encourage healthy social media habits and mental health support. For instance, they’ve added features like the “You’re All Caught Up” message to nudge users to take breaks, there’s nothing more on the feed.
  5. The overall impact of hiding likes on mental health and user experience is still under review. However, many experts see it as a step towards a more inclusive and supportive social media landscape.

Stay tuned for our detailed guide on how to use Instagram’s new feature to hide likes and enjoy a stress-free Instagram experience!

How to Hide Likes On Instagram?

Looking to hide likes on Instagram?

If so, you’re in luck! It’s a straightforward process, and we’re here to guide you.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can hide likes on Instagram and focus on what truly matters – creating high-quality content!

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Head over to your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.
  3. Choose the “Settings and Privacy” option from the menu.
  4. Navigate to “What you see”
  5. Tap on “Hide Like and View Counts.”
  6. Flip the toggle switch on. This will hide like counts on your posts as well as others’ posts in your Instagram feed.

And voila! You’ve successfully hidden likes on Instagram.

The platform’s aim with this feature is to enhance user experience and mental health, while still providing essential data for tracking performance.

Customize Your Instagram Experience

To tailor your Instagram experience further, you can also hide likes on your own posts and others’ posts. Here’s how:

Hiding Likes on Your Post (Any Single Post)

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Click on the post you want to hide likes.
  3. Tap the three lines (Dotted Lines) in the top right corner.
  4. Now Click on ‘Hide Like Count’.

Managing Likes on Instagram Reels

If you’re wondering how to hide likes on Instagram Reels, follow these steps:

On a web browser (PC or smartphone):

  1. Log in to Instagram.
  2. Click on your profile at the top right corner.
  3. Select the Reel you’ve uploaded.
  4. Click on the ellipses (three dots) at the top right corner and choose “Hide like count.”
  5. If desired, select “Turn off commenting” to restrict comments on your Reel.

On the Instagram app:

  1. Open the app and go to your profile.
  2. Select the Reel and tap on the ellipses at the top right.
  3. Choose “Turn off commenting.”

Remember, currently, Instagram doesn’t allow you to turn off likes count on Reels from the app. You’ll need to use a web browser on your smartphone or PC.

Weighing the Impact of Hiding Likes

Let’s now dive into the potential impact of this Instagram feature on your user experience and post-performance.

The User Experience: Pros and Cons


  • Prioritizes content quality over like counts.
  • Reduces pressure to compete for likes.
  • Might improve emotional health by curbing social comparisons.


  • This may decrease user engagement and interaction.
  • This could impact Instagram’s algorithm, potentially resulting in fewer followers and lower post-performance.
  • This may make it harder to gauge a post’s popularity.

Choosing to hide likes on Instagram is a personal decision.

Considering the potential advantages and downsides can help you make an informed choice.

Instagram Post Performance: Potential Effects

Possible Impacts:

  1. Engagement: Lack of visible like counts might reduce user interaction, leading to decreased engagement and reach.
  2. Algorithm: Instagram’s algorithm uses engagement metrics, like likes and comments, to determine post visibility. Hiding likes could potentially affect this.
  3. Metrics: With likes hidden, you may need to concentrate on other metrics like comments and saves to gauge post success.
  4. Content Quality: Without visible likes, the quality of your content could become more important than ever.

Before choosing to hide likes, consider the possible impacts on your post performance. Experimentation will help you find what works best for you.

Tracking Performance with Instagram Insights

Are you anxious that hiding likes on Instagram may hamper your performance tracking?

No need to fret!

The solution is simpler than you think: Instagram Insights.

Navigating through Instagram Insights

With Instagram Insights, regardless of hidden likes, you can see how well your posts are doing and gauge audience engagement.

You’ll need a Business or Creator account to unlock these analytics.

Once in, you’ll be able to explore everything from your overall account performance to individual post metrics and audience details.

Understanding these metrics can shape your strategy, helping you figure out what works and what doesn’t, and enabling you to create more engaging content.

Let’s not forget other metrics like shares, saves, and comments – they are just as important in painting a full picture of your post’s performance.

If you’re hiding likes, leverage Instagram Insights to track your content’s real impact.

Metrics That Matter More Than Likes

With Instagram shifting away from publicly displaying likes, we need to reevaluate how we measure performance.

Here are 5 key Instagram metrics to focus on:

  1. Reach: The number of unique people who see your post. This metric can inform you about the spread of your content and is split into organic and paid reach.
  2. Impressions: Reflects how often your post is viewed. If a person views your post multiple times, it increases the impression count, indicating high interest.
  3. Engagement Rate: This percentage shows how many people interacted with your post, including comments, likes, and shares. It’s a valuable marker of your post’s effectiveness.
  4. Follower Growth: Monitoring follower growth over time helps you understand the rate of new follows and unfollows.
  5. Click-Through Rate: This metric measures how many people click on your bio’s link, a key tool for tracking promotional campaign effectiveness.

These metrics can help you measure your Instagram success, even with hidden likes.

Prioritize these and always remember – the quality of your content is the true key to success on Instagram.

The Benefits of an Instagram Business Account

If you’re operating a business on Instagram, having an Instagram Business Account can be crucial.

Here’s why:

  1. Business accounts unlock unique features like Instagram Insights, and “call-to-action” buttons on your profile.
  2. It adds a professional touch, showing your seriousness about your business and encouraging customer interaction.
  3. You can better target your audience, designing ads and promotions to reach people interested in your offerings.
  4. Business accounts enable you to add key information like operating hours and contact details to your profile, making you easily reachable.
  5. Finally, a Business Account can boost your growth prospects. Instagram’s marketing tools can help craft effective campaigns, attracting new customers to your business.

In essence, if you’re keen on expanding your Instagram business, switching to a Business Account is a must.

Leveraging Metrics for Success with Business Accounts

If you’re a business user on Instagram, consider hiding likes on your posts to prioritize quality content and focus on other success-driving metrics.

Here’s how to make the most of it:

  1. Look beyond likes – consider measuring your engagement rate which includes comments, shares, and saves. These can provide valuable audience engagement insights.
  2. Tap into Instagram Insights for a deep-dive into your performance data.
  3. Use Instagram’s “shoppable posts” feature to track traffic and sales directly from your posts.
  4. Focus on creating high-quality, brand-aligned content.

The key to Instagram success is not just about accruing likes.

Concentrate on crafting compelling content and use other metrics to measure your performance.

Prioritizing Content Quality over Likes

In the Instagram universe, quality trumps quantity.

Let’s talk about why focusing on content quality over like counts is vital.

  1. High-quality content helps you stand out in a sea of millions of users.
  2. Quality content fuels engagement, prompting conversations and leading to more followers and potential customers.
  3. If you’re a business, top-notch content enhances your brand image, attracting more customers.
  4. Instagram’s algorithm loves quality! By crafting visually appealing, informative, and relevant content, you increase your chances of getting discovered.
  5. In the long run, quality content fosters sustainable success on Instagram.

5 Tips for Creating High-Quality Instagram Content

Creating alluring content on Instagram is both an art and science. Here are five handy tips to improve your Instagram content quality:

  1. Narrate a Story: Every post should tell a tale – about your product, your brand, or your journey.
  2. Consistency is Key: Maintain consistency in your posting schedule and visual theme.
  3. Craft Captivating Captions: Use captions to provide context, add insights, or inject humor.
  4. Quality Over Quantity: Spend time creating well-crafted content that grabs your audience’s attention.
  5. Stay Authentic: Be true to your brand’s values. Don’t be afraid to experiment – and remember to have fun!

By following these tips, you can create engaging, high-quality content that helps you shine on Instagram.

Latest Updates: Hiding Likes on Instagram

Looking for the freshest scoop on hiding likes on Instagram?

We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the latest happenings:

  1. Instagram Spreads its Wings: The testing of the hide-likes feature is extending to more regions! If you’re in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, or New Zealand, get ready to try out this new update.
  2. Likes and Mental Health: The Royal Society for Public Health found some heartening news – hiding likes could actually be good for mental health, especially for young users prone to social media comparison.
  3. Bumps on the Road: Some users report a few hiccups with the new feature. Tracking engagement seems harder, and smaller accounts are worried about visibility drops.
  4. Instagram Cares: In its quest to make social media a friendly space, Instagram is considering other features too, like nudging users to take a break from endless scrolling.

Stay alert for the newest Instagram changes, and remember, likes or not, your priority should be great content and fruitful interactions with your followers.

Wrapping Up: Navigating the World of Hidden Likes

To wrap up, hiding likes on Instagram brings a mixed bag of effects.

The idea emerged from a place of concern about mental health and the comparisons triggered by social media.

While it could relieve the pressure to amass likes, it could also interfere with post-performance and engagement.

However, you’re not left without a paddle. Instagram Insights is your trusted guide to navigate through hidden likes, helping you to focus on what really counts: quality content.

The golden takeaway from our journey is simple – content is king, not likes.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment! Try hiding likes and put your energy into crafting content that speaks to your audience.

Remember, a strong Instagram following is built on genuine engagement and not just a pursuit of likes and validation.

In the grand scheme of things, an Instagram account’s success is measured by the value it adds to its followers and its influence on their lives, not merely the number of likes it garners. Go ahead and give your Instagram a meaningful twist!

FAQs: Navigating Likes on Instagram

Why Can’t I Hide My Likes on Instagram?

If you’re struggling to hide your likes on Instagram, don’t fret! Here are some quick troubleshooting tips:
1. Update Your App: Visit the App Store (for iPhone users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users) to ensure your Instagram app is up-to-date.
2. Restart Your Device: If the feature isn’t showing up, try giving your device a quick reboot.
3. Update Your Device: Ensure your device’s operating system is current. iPhone users, visit “General” in your settings. Android users, head to “About Phone.”
4. Reinstall Instagram: If the issue continues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app.
5. Report The Problem: If you’re still stuck, report the problem through Instagram’s settings under “Help” > “Report a Problem.”

How Do You Hide Likes And Views on Instagram?

To make your likes and views invisible on Instagram, here’s a step-by-step guide:
1. Go to your profile by tapping your profile picture.
2. Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top.
3. Select “Settings” > “Privacy.”
4. Choose “Posts.”
5. Flip the switch next to “Hide likes” or “Hide like and view counts.”

Are Instagram Likes Still Hidden?

No, Instagram likes aren’t automatically hidden. You have the power to choose to hide them for each post individually, either while publishing or afterward.

Why Can’t I See All of Someone’s Likes on Instagram?

Instagram has removed the feature allowing users to see others’ likes due to privacy reasons. They’ve taken this step to shield personal information and user activity, meaning you can no longer view the full list of likes on someone else’s posts.

Why Can’t I Hide My Likes on Instagram Reels?

At present, Instagram doesn’t offer the option to hide likes specifically on Instagram Reels. While you can hide likes on standard posts, this feature doesn’t extend to Reels. But, you can control your Reels’ visibility via your account privacy settings. Remember, Instagram’s features are always evolving, so keep an eye out for updates!

How to Check Likes on Instagram?

Want to see what photos and videos you’ve liked on Instagram? Follow these steps:
1. Open Instagram and tap your profile picture to head to your profile.
2. Click the menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right.
3. Choose “Your activity” from the menu.
4. Select “Interactions” then “Likes.”
And voila! You can now see all your recent likes on Instagram.

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